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Our traditional dishes
NMaking our dishes we preserve Sardinia tradition with great care. Our traditional cooking has made of simple and quality ingredients, most of them are products from our coltivation or from our breeding. We proudly offer you real flavours that will remind you acient time and happiness to go on feast.

  • Home made bread - made from wholemeal flour.
  • Home made salumi - salsiccia, guanciale (lard from the pig's cheek), pancetta (pork underbelly) and "testa in cassetta" (meat from head pork added with flavours and spices). All of these are from the pigs we breed in the farmhouse.
  • "Sa coccoi prena" - a kind of typical sardinian potatoes and mint pie with garlic and cheese.
  • Fregola - hand made with durum wheat, water and saffron. It's made daily and toasted in oven. We generally prepare it with pork tomato sauce, or with season vegetables.
  • Ravioli di ricotta - durum wheat with eggs, filled with ricotta cheese, eggs, cherd and saffron. seasoned with fresh tomato sauce and pecorino cheese (sheep milk cheese).
  • Stewed goat - Before stewing, we soak the meat in cannonau wine with sun dried tomato, some aromas and spices.
  • Maialetto arrosto - (roasted sucking pork). They have bred them in our farm.
  • Sardinian traditional sweeties and cookies - All traditional cookies such as "bianchini" made of eggs and almonds,"gueffusu", "ciambelle", sebadas . All of them have made with local ingredients.
  • Acqua vite - (grapes brandy) plein, or with honey
  • Mirto e limonello (myrtle, lemon liqueur), seasonally, chocolate or liquourice liqueurs

Furthermore, Tonia's fantasy and nature's bounty may carry more and more new flavors to "Baccu Cardu" farm holidays, but the omly way to know it is to come and vist us.

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Agriturismo Baccu Cardu     
Località Baccu Cardu, 09041 Serdiana (CA)
cellulare Tonia 3386336116 - Gianni 3200755271
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Agriturismo Baccu Cardu