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Menù da 27 euro

Salsiccia-guanciale (lard from the pig's cheek) olives - different kind of cheese (sheep's and goat's),
Ricotta cheese with tomatoes and basil. Different kind of fried vegetables - coccoi prena (a kind of typical sardinian potatoes and mint pie). Pistoccu (sardinian dried bread) spread with smashed fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil.

First course
Ravioli with tomato sauce - fregola with vegetebles -malloreddus alla campidanese.
Trofiette with vernaccia wine.

Second course
Stewed goat with cannonau wine and spices.
Maialetto arrosto (roasted sucking pork).

Season vegetables - season fruits

traditional sardinian sweets and cakes

Water - red or white house wine - coffee - amaro liqueur

for children discounts

* Menus may vary based on seasonality and availability of raw materials

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Agriturismo Baccu Cardu     
Località Baccu Cardu, 09041 Serdiana (CA)
cellulare Tonia 3386336116 - Gianni 3200755271
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P.Iva: 02703370920

Gluten Free - cucina senza glutine Menù vegetariano

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Agriturismo Baccu Cardu