Agriturismo Baccu Cardu

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TREKKING and WALKING in the Mediterranean scrub

Baccu CArdu Can be a good start point to go for a walk around mediterranean scrub.You can choose among different routes, depending on your preparation to sports.You could take just a simple walking around the countryside, or if you prefer, go till you get to the mountain "Serpeddì", that is the highest moutain all around. infact it is 1098 metres high.

During your excurtion you could meet wild cattle, or you could sight some birds of pray that fly over those mountains.
the territory is also very rich of water sorces that they become quite big torrents until the spring.

By car, instead , just few minutes driving,it is possible to reach the woods.Here you can admire many archeologic findings, such as nuraghi villages sites. Tonia and Gianni will suggest you the most enjoyable route for you.

Here below some samples of trekking routes:

Agriturismo Baccu Cardu     
Località Baccu Cardu, 09041 Serdiana (CA)
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Agriturismo Baccu Cardu