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Menù vegetariano

"Baccu Cardu" farm holidays cares a lot about its own guests'requirements, that's why we offer you also a vegeterian menu.

In the same way as the gluten free menu we kindly ask you to make your reservation a day earlier, in order to offer always the best freshness and fragrance in a very fresh meal

Olives,different kinds of cheese, ricotta with side dish tomatoes and basil,vegetables fritters,"coccoi prena" with potatoes and mint,"pistoccu"(traditional Sardinian dried and hard bread) with fresh tomatoes and basil.

Main course
Ravioli in tomato sauce,tagliatelle with season vegetables sauces

Second course
Savoury pies with aubergines,saulted eggs pies with season vegetables season fruits.

Water, housewine (white, red), coffee and tonic liqueur, sardinian desserts.

Price for adults: 36 euros
(for children discounts)

menù vegetariano baccu cardu agriturismo

Agriturismo Baccu Cardu     
Località Baccu Cardu, 09041 Serdiana (CA)
cellulare Tonia 3386336116 - Gianni 3200755271
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P.Iva: 02703370920

Gluten Free - cucina senza glutine Menù vegetariano

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Agriturismo Baccu Cardu