Agriturismo Baccu Cardu

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The farm holidays "baccu cardu" is located in the center of "Parteolla"Which is a storic region of southeast-sardinia.
The parteolla includes five little towns:Dolianova,Serdiana,Soleminis,Donori and Ussana.All around this area you can find a lot of archeologist sites,a first hand account since pre nuragic settlements,going pass through all most important historical periods.

From the farm holidays you can reach different renowned wineries,creameries,oil mils. The Parteolla has a hilly territory and a climate weather that are appropriate to olives trees and vineyards coltivations and cattle breeding mostly sheeps and goats,that supplies the creamery industry.

Parteolla can boast exellent production at a national level that it will make you have a unforgettable staying.

Dolianova - sitoweb
Serdiana stemma
Soleminis stemma
Donori stemma
Ussana stemma


Oil mils

Cheese factory

Agriturismo Baccu Cardu     
Località Baccu Cardu, 09041 Serdiana (CA)
cellulare Tonia 3386336116 - Gianni 3200755271
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P.Iva: 02703370920

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Agriturismo Baccu Cardu